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MMM: Quinton Simon Case Updates and Idaho University Murders Updates | UPDATE & THE CARDS REVISITED

Let’s catch up on the cases of Quinton Simon and the Idaho University Students. In this video, I will discuss the latest updates and review the cards to see what has been validated and what’s to come – based on the cards that jumped in prior readings.

Premiering this video on Friday, December 16, 2022, at 9:30 PM Eastern Standard Time. Join in and chat with me!

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🌒Part 1 | Opening Oracle Reading:
🌒Part 2 | Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading:
🌒Cards Revisited & Updates | Recorded 10/30/22:
🌒Cards Revisited & Updates | Recorded 12/16/22:

✨Idaho University Students Readings✨
🌒Part 1: Inside the Mind & Motive Tarot & Oracle Reading |
🌒Part 2: Official Opening Oracle Reading |
🌒Part 3: Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading |
🌒Part 4: Who Was Actually Targeted by the Killer? |
🌒Cards Revisited & Updates | Recorded 12/16/22:

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