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Mystery Mystic Monday | HEIDI PLANCK | OPENING ORACLE READING – REVISIT | Ep. 75 | #truecrimetarot

In today’s Mystery Mystic Monday revisit, we tap into the energies surrounding what does Spirit wish for us to know about Heidi’s disappearance? She has been missing since October 17, 2021, with very little information being released about what is known about her disappearance from law enforcement.

Heidi worked for an employer who was under investigation by the SEC for fraud to the tune of millions of dollars. This employer has recently been slapped with a fine, but no criminal charges have been brought against him. Heidi’s case is still unsolved. I was asked to revisit her case to see what comes up.

In this video, I do an opening oracle reading, which will help me in coming up with the questions I will pose for next week’s Tarot and Oracle reading on Heidi’s case. Let me know what questions I should pose for the cards in the comments section. It’s like we are starting from scratch – to see if we can refine the information coming through regarding what happened to Heidi.

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We will not give up on Heidi. She deserves justice and so do her sweet son and loved ones.

Featured Deck: Secrets Revealed True Crime Oracle (a deck I created).

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4 thoughts on “Mystery Mystic Monday | HEIDI PLANCK | OPENING ORACLE READING – REVISIT | Ep. 75 | #truecrimetarot”

  1. Thank you Kim! I am going to sit with this reading and will definitely provide some questions. You have been so helpful in keeping Heidis name alive. Many thanks for keeping her in your heart and thoughts. I will email you some info and questions. You’re amazing! ❤️

    1. Hi Dawn! I think about Heidi often and always send up a prayer that she is found and that justice is served. It drives me crazy that we still don’t have answers. Yes, please send info and questions you have, as I will wait for them before I do the detailed Tarot and Oracle reading on her case. Big, big hugs and love to you 💗!!!

      1. Will do! Talk soon! And again.. thank you! I am reviewing your previous Heidi readings and ironically so many of the same cards / themes continue coming up. I’m focusing on those and will try to form a few questions with those in mind. I love your channel and your heart! Xoxo

      2. I noticed the same cards and themes coming up, too and it actually gave me goosebumps during the reading. I feel and appreciate the love so, so much. I appreciate what you are doing and I love your heart as well, my friend. Thank you so, very much 💗.

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