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Mystery Mystic Monday: Parts 1 to 4: NYKARI JOHNSON | MMM | Episodes 71, 72, 73, and 74

Part 1: Opening Oracle Reading

Part 2: Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading

Part 3: Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading Continued

Part 4: Closing Oracle Reading

Mystery Mystic Monday is back from a month-long hiatus. Today, January 30, 2023, we will be premiering four videos surrounding the disappearance of Nykari Johnson.

Nykari Johnson, age 16, is petite, standing at 4’9″ and weighing 108 pounds. She is described as kind and a homebody. She has been missing since December 27, 2022, just before the dangerous winter storms slammed Carmichael, California.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s spokesperson Sgt. Amar Gandhi reported to the Sacramento Bee on January 26, 2022, “all investigative leads have been exhausted” regarding the case. “We cannot provide any further steps for the family,” Gandhi further stated. “If the community has more information they would like to bring forward, please submit them online at, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or they can call us at 916-874-5115.” This statement was not even a month after Nykari had gone missing.

Check out the video I recorded discussing the disparities between Nykari and Kiely Rodni’s case:

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