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MADELEINE MCCANN | PARTS 1 & 2 | Detailed Opening Oracle Reading | Mystery Mystic Monday | Episode 86 & 87

Part 1: Detailed Opening Oracle Reading

Part 2: Detailed Opening Oracle Reading Continued + Is the Polish Woman Really Madeleine?

I recorded this reading on February 20, 2023.

A young Polish woman has come forward to insist up getting a DNA test to see if she is Madeleine McCann. A viewer asked me to explore the energies surrounding this woman and I do so towards the end of part two of this reading.

Madeleine McCann’s case has been requested many times for me to do a reading, but it was my subscriber Stephanie H. who sweetly asked and another viewer who asked about the Polish woman claiming to be Madeleine that prompted me to finally begin the reading series on her disappearance.

In this video, we explore the energies surrounding Madeleine’s mysterious disappearance, which occurred on May 3, 2007. She was only three years old when she went missing, plucked out of the vacation home she was staying with her loved ones and six other families.

I have come up with nine questions for a detailed Tarot and Oracle reading for Madeleine’s case for an upcoming episode. If you have questions you’d like me to include in the upcoming reading, please leave a comment.

Featured Decks: Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, Divine Shadow-Self Oracle, Trace Evidence Telling Cards, Secrets Revealed True Crime Oracle, The Divine Crime Oracle, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards, Sincerez Tarot.

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