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Crystals Video Series: Part 3 | Crystals to Increase Intuition & Psychic Abilities

There are plenty of crystals that help to increase your psychic abilities and intuition. Place these stones under your pillow, create grids around your bed, chair, or couch, keep them on your reading tables (if you are a tarot/oracle/lenormand reader), or wear them in necklaces, bracelets or rings. I also encourage using the stones found in this video while in meditation by holding them in your hand or setting them in your lap as your drift into higher consciousness.

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Oct 23rd Weekly General Reading~Banish Negative Self-Talk to Manifest Abundance

This weeks’s Oracle reading was brought to us by The Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, the Heal Yourself Reading Cards, Oracle of Nightmares, and Angel’s of Abundance Oracle Cards. The message that came through loud and clear for this week is we need to stop being so negative towards our selves and watch the negative self-talk patterns that run through our minds. If we can work on this (and the cards discuss how this can be done, please see video), then we can reach the abundance that is already ours for the taking. We will be in a better place to see the abundance that is already around us.

Here’s Barbara’s reading, which she asked whether her and her man were going to take their relationship to the next level and will her finances improve:

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