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The Struggle to Juggle Tarot Spread – YouTube

Originally published on 4/17/2019 at the Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul and Cosmic Seer’s level.

This is a tarot spread I created that can be used as a periodic check in to see how you’re doing with juggling your goals and your responsibilities. You can also use this tarot spread for clients who struggle with balancing all the demands, while carving out a little time for their passions and goals.

The Struggle to Juggle Tarot Spread

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Free Speed Reading | Week 4

Here’s the final installment of Speed Readings. I have had a lot of fun doing these fast paced, three minute readings, so much so that I now offer 5, 10, and 15 minute speed readings on my website and in my Etsy store, AbundantLifeShop.

One Beautiful Soul stepped up and emailed a question for a speed reading. The question is one we all want ask about – how to successfully switch from a job we hate to a job we love. I was not able to finish the speed reading in three minutes, but there were too many good messages coming through to stop Spirit from sharing.

Here’s the written tarot reading for our guest:

  1. What can you focus on that’s positive about your current job until you find a new one? The Tower came up, which tells me that your job gives you the opportunity to be of service to others when their world has turned upside down. Each morning, ask Spirit to show you how to be a blessing in every encounter you experience at work. There’s a lot of volatility and at times what feels like instability in your work – but that has made you a stronger person. You bring a certain level of calm in the topsy turvyness of your job. So, by blessing others, you are blessed. Each day, think of 10 ways your current job is a blessing in your life and how you have blessed others in your current role.
  2. What can you focus in your overall life that is positive and can help you transcend this situation? The Moon card.Ā The Moon in this position is informing you that this is your chance to change your course and find your own path out of all the chaos and confusion. It is your intuition that is needing to be relied heavily upon during this time, because you are not able to see where to go just yet. But, sitting in stillness for even just five minutes a day, clearing space and asking Spirit to bless you with thoughts or notions that will lead you to your next career, will help your job search immensely. In a few short meditation sessions, you will “see” where your next step needs to be.
  3. How can you maximize your job search and stand out? The Justice card jumped. A balanced approach to your job search is key. Be strategic in nabbing your next job. Make a list of things you currently do in your current role or talents you presently get to use that you’d like to carry into a new role. This will help narrow down your search, while also getting you connected to jobs that are in search of skills you already possess. This will also help cut down the search time and make it more meaningful and joyful for you to embark on a new journey in your career.
  4. How can you beat out the competition? The King of Batons or Wands jumped for us on this question. Your next employer or job prospect wants a person who is honest, conscientious, mature, wise, devoted, friendly, sympathetic, educated, and gentle – all the qualities you possess. It is so important that your cover letters, resumes and interviews demonstrates all of these qualities and attributes that you possess. These are typically qualities that comes from a very well established and experienced person, like yourself. Do not taint the well of your job search with energies of competition against younger or better – you’ve got just as much of a chance, if not more than that young buck because of your years of life and work experience – flaunt it!
  5. Outcome card, based on the advice given to you in these cards. The Hermit card came up. Through vigilance, prudence, discretion and persistence, you will find a new job and it will be one that allows you to have moments of solitude. Make this job search, one that helps you to find a career that will carry you much further than this current role. The Hermit’s timing indicates that with following these tips and taking action starting today on your spiritual job search, a new opportunity will present itself towards late summer early fall.

I also had a reading for myself, as I am struggling with the recent passing of a dear friend and needed some guidance on how to handle my grief. Whoa! Spirit had some good advice for me, too. Basically, Spirit empathized, but sternly reminded me that I am still in the land of the living and to watch where my thoughts take me during this grieving period.

Much Love and Many Blessings,Ā 

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