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Tarot Combos: The 8th House Tarot || ALT Premium

Here’s a fun Tarot Combos video! We’re combining the following: Tarot: The 8th House Tarot + Oracle: Theta Wave Oracle and My Very Own Oracle (MVOLO) Do you have these decks? What do you think of the holographic touch and modern images? Thanks so much for watching! Kim ALT Premium ­čî║…

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Tarot Combos: The Stretch Tarot & The Divine Muses Oracle on YouTube

Previously shown in the ALT Membership on May 7, 2019, at the Stargazer level.

The Stretch Tarot is currently out of print, but, I have a feeling it will be out for another print run soon:

The Divine Muses Oracle:

Thanks for watching!

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Tarot Combos: The Moonchild Tarot with Queen of the Moon Oracle & Others

Here’s another installment of Tarot Combos. This edition takes a look at The Moonchild Oracle with the following oracle decks:

*Queen of the Moon Oracle
*Oracle of Mystical Moments
*The Sacred Creators Oracle
*The Lunar Nomad Oracle

Have you you tried these decks together? What decks plays well in your collection?

Thanks for watching!

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