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Tarot Combos: The Moonchild Tarot with Queen of the Moon Oracle & Others

Here’s another installment of Tarot Combos. This edition takes a look at The Moonchild Oracle with the following oracle decks:

*Queen of the Moon Oracle
*Oracle of Mystical Moments
*The Sacred Creators Oracle
*The Lunar Nomad Oracle

Have you you tried these decks together? What decks plays well in your collection?

Thanks for watching!

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2 thoughts on “Tarot Combos: The Moonchild Tarot with Queen of the Moon Oracle & Others”

  1. I just came across this looking for a review of the Queen of the Moon Oracle. I love your “about me,” and you have such a wonderful, soothing voice! I’ll be checking out your posts and videos.

    1. Hi Sue~ Thank you đź’—. Reading your post gave me all kinds of good feels. And, I am hooked to the Queen of the Moon Oracle! It is a deck that I grab all the time. Peace and Blessings to you~Kim

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