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Tarot Obsessed! VR to Katey Flowers

Here’s my video response to Katey Flowers’ #tarotobsessed video. I forgot to mention in the video I adore the Sun and the Moon Tarot in a Tin. It is a top five deck for sure. And in addition to pendulums, I scry as another form of divination that I use with oracle and tarot.

1. What was your very first tarot deck?
2. What is your current favourite tarot deck?
3. What is your most used tarot deck?
4. What is your least used tarot deck?
5. How did you learn to read tarot?
6. What do you use tarot for?
7. How do you read tarot? (Intuition or book?)
8. Do you use spreads?
9. Do you mix tarot with other divination systems?
10. What makes a great tarot deck?
11. How important to you is it that a deck stick to the tarot system?
12. Do you have any back up decks?
13. Do you have any unusual/unique decks?
14. What’s your current deck crush?
15. Do you read reversals?
16. If you could only use one deck, which would it be?

Thanks for watching!

Many blessings and love to all of you,
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