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Monthly Single & Couple Love Readings Starting December

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Starting December, Abundant Life Tarot will do astrological monthly love single and couple readings, in addition to the weekly general readings. The monthly readings will consist of both tarot and/or oracle readings, and will get a little risque from time to time (when there is adult content or images, I will be sure to indicate on the video an advisory-not for the under 18 crowd). There will be two videos – couples love readings by astrological signs and singles love readings by astrological signs.

Check out the videos based on your relationship status and your astrological sign. If you are curious about your lover, check out their relationship status and astrological sign for a more complete picture of your love life with that person.

December’s monthly reading will post the week of November 27, 2017. Looking forward to having fun with all of you on the love reading experience.

The monthly love readings are general in nature in no way can include all the nuances and details a private reading can offer. For a more in depth, personal love reading that will give you the answers you need, book a private reading.

Love Reading 45 minute

$45.00 Reading


Much Love,
Abundant Life Tarot

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