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Mail Call! Unboxing NOLA Pocket Tarot, Ibiza Tarot: The Oracle of Tanit & Tarot Flip Deck Case

Hey There ~ I was under the weather during the filming of this video and feeling like crap – but not bad enough to miss a trip to my mailbox up the street. In bathrobe, sneezing and coughing, I went outside to collect my packages. What came in the mail was my New Orleans Pocket Tarot, Ibiza Tarot: The Oracle of Tanit, and a Tarot Flip Deck Case to keep my tarot deck safe in my backpack or purse from being banged up.

I purchased NOLA Pocket Tarot from Etsy; and Ibiza Tarot and the Tarot Deck Case from Amazon. Anne Richardson is the deck creator and her deck is sold here:

Ibiza Tarot – The Oracle of Tanit can be found at: and I purchased my deck on Amazon.

Ultimate Guard Tarot Flip Deck Case: Amazon:

Thanks for watching!

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