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Oracle Obsessed! VR to Imogen Walters

Hi Everyone~

I am most definitely obsessed with oracle decks and I am thankful to Imogen Walters for creating this video tag #oracleobsessed. Sometimes Oracle speaks more clearly to me on certain questions and dilemmas than the Tarot. Other times, only the Tarot can answer the questions. In most cases, I find I marry Oracle and Tarot easily, like peanut butter and jelly. What Oracle decks are you obsessing over right now? Check out my video to see why I am so wild over Oracle decks.

Imogen’s original video:…

The questions:
1) What was your very first oracle deck?
2) What’s your current favourite deck?
3) What’s your most used deck?
4) What’s your least used deck?
5) How did you learn to read oracle cards?
6) What do you use oracle cards for?
7) How do you read the cards? (Guidebook/intuitively/a bit of both?)
8) Do you use spreads?
9) Do you mix oracle cards with other divination systems, e.g. tarot/runes/Lenormand?
10) In your opinion, what makes for a great deck?
11) What do you feel are the differences between tarot and oracle cards? (Fellow tarot readers!)
12) Do you have any super unusual/unique decks?
13) What’s your current deck crush?
14) If you could only use one deck from now on, what would it be?

Thanks for watching!

Many blessings and love to all of you,
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