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Giveaway Time!

This is Abundant Life Tarot’s first quarterly giveaway for 2019! I’m excited to begin offering quarterly giveaways for subscribers, members of ALT Premium and Facebook group members. Keep reading for what’s included in this quarter’s prizes, how to enter, and how to claim your prizes should you win.

What’s in the Giveaway?

1st Prize:
🔮 2 decks – Dreams of Gaia Tarot and Messengers Oracle, both by Ravynne Phelan
🔮 A beautiful, raw amethyst stone
🔮 Your choice of Palo Santo stick (or spray) or California White Sage (or sage spray) OR a handmade bracelet by me!
🔮 20 Minute Video Tarot and Oracle reading with me

2nd Prize:
🔮 15 Minute Video Tarot and Oracle reading with me

3rd Prize:
🔮 10 Minute Video Tarot and Oracle reading with me

How to Enter?

To qualify for entry there are (2) two easy steps: 

🔮Plug in your information in the entry form below.


🔮 Sign up for one of the membership levels and remember, it costs nothing to join at the Stargazer level, but I assure you that you will enjoy the perks of the premium levels. Stargazers enjoy first access to my videos, sometimes weeks before I post it to other social media platforms. Where to sign up for ALT Premium:  https://abundantlifetarot.com/membership-levels/

Once I have received both your entry form and confirmed you’ve signed up for the membership, then you will be placed into the drawing. For those who are already ALT premium members, you simply need to mention you are already a member in your entry form and do not need to do the second step.

Last day to enter this giveaway is Saturday, April 6, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be announced on Friday, April 12th at 7 PM, Pacific Time, during a quick mid-month Facebook Live check-in chat session with those who are a part of Abundant Life Tarot’s Facebook group.

After the announcements are made, please claim your prize within 48 hours by emailing me your mailing address where to send your grand prizes for the first place winner and for all three winners, please email your question(s) for your tarot reading within 48 hours at abundantlifetarot@gmail.com. If the prizes are not claimed within a week’s time from the day of announcement, I will re-draw the names and pick a new winner. Please, please, please claim your prizes! 

Thanks so much and I look forward to announcing some winners! Good luck, Sweet Souls!

Abundant Life Tarot

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