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Pros and Cons of Distance Readings

90% of my paid readings are delivered over the internet. Here’s a look at my list of pros and cons to offering distance tarot readings.

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2 thoughts on “Pros and Cons of Distance Readings”

  1. Thank you, Kim for your insights! I haven’t done much in the way of distance readings (or in person for that matter) yet. I did a pretty elaborate Chakra card reading and laid it out all fancy and such in a PDF format. I loved the final product, but it was a *lot* of work to create. It was a trade and the other person basically sent the text from the guidebook 🙁 I know once I had pictures of the cards and the template for the PDF if wouldn’t take quite as long.

    Video intimidates me. I’m not sure how to go about setting up the overhead view and whether my phone or iPad is sufficient quality? But I feel much the same as you do about being able to see the cards from the reader perspective. I also dislike hearing my own voice, lol! Even though I frequently get comments from my yoga clients about how soothing my voice is.

    1. It is SO much work at times! You literally have to love doing distance readings, because, man oh man, it takes a lot to get to the finished product.

      A lot of people think it is easy to slap a few pictures and words together from a reading, but as you pointed out, there is so much more to it! And templates are life savers for sure – I use templates for the emails to clients (although most times I end up amending them, lol) and now for my distance readings, which has started helping me to streamline the process.

      And I wonder how many people just copy the guidebook text for their readings? I bet our readings will be set apart because we are actually reading the cards and not the book (not that I am at opposed to consulting books in the least bit). I have received readings in the past where the person just copied the text – and that’s all fine for novices and folks who don’t know better – but we are likely doing readings for other readers and they’ll know, LOL!

      I was petrified with video – in the beginning. Now, I feel lost without it! For example – when a client asks for an email reading versus a video one – I’m like, “say what now?” As I got more versed in video readings, it became my preferred method of delivery.

      The great news is your iPad or smart phone I plenty quality to get started. I use my Samsung S8 and prefer it over my husband’s fancy camera. You get a tripod that stands up over your shoulders (while you are seated at your reading table) and you’re in the game! Just put your device in the little tripod holder, tilt it down to show your cards and voila! You’re in the game, lol.

      I cannot stand hearing my own voice, but I have gotten used to it (although there are times I still feel like I sound like a man, LOL)! If you have a soothing voice, then you have a strong advantage to video readings. Having a soothing voice goes a long, long way with attracting and keeping distance reading clients.

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