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April Faves || Crystals, Tarot & Oracle on ALT Premium

April’s monthly favorites video is up and posted on Abundant Life Tarot Premium and will post at a later time to YouTube. To check out this video for free, subscribe to the Stargazer Level.

Crystals: Rose Quartz and Blue Kyanite

Book: The Joy of Doing Nothing, by Rachel Jonat and Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing, by Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol.

Doo Dads: My very pretty pendulum and my happy drum.

Oracle: Messenger Oracle, Soul Trees Oracle, The Empathic Oracle, The Lunar Nomad Oracle, and the Inner Compass Oracle.

Tarot: Dreams of Gaia Tarot, The Textured Tarot, and Hip Chicks Tarot.

Thanks so much for watching Sweet Souls!

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4 thoughts on “April Faves || Crystals, Tarot & Oracle on ALT Premium”

  1. Hey, Kim — Just a heads up that it appears that you linked my guided affirmations video to this post rather than the April Favs video.

    1. OMG – this is what I get for staying up until 1 AM! All switched and I am SO sorry about that. Thank you so much!!

    2. My God!! What a night. Stayed up way too late, got up way too early, and now I am in damage control. Thank you so much for waking up way earlier than me and letting me know!!

      1. It’s very easy to wake up eariler than you when I live on the East Coast, lol! I’m also very much more a morning person than an evening/night person. These things happen, especially when we are burning the candle at both ends!

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