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Rebel Soul Guided Affirmations || Grounding

The focus for this month’s guided affirmation is the concept of grounding. Below is a transcript of the spoken guided affirmations in the video.

Deck: Oracle of the Essences by Monica Finazzo The Enchantress

Card: Lime~Entertainment/Delight

Deck Affirmation: Today is going to be a really, really good day.

The first affirmation is from the guidebook from The Oracle of the Essences, by Monica Finazzo. 



  1. I am fully grounded in the experience in the present moment. I am at peace with what is.
  2. When my energy feels scattered, I come back to the present time.
  3. Mindfulness is an everyday, moment to moment way of being for me.
  4. I recognize my power to influence my future is in the now. I am calm and tranquil in the now (and in this knowing).
  5. I easily regroup and focus on what I want, so my energy is a match for what I am asking for.
  6. I ground my energy daily.
  7. I open my heart to giving and receiving more love and compassion.
  8. I am creating a more heart centered experience.
  9. It is time to share with others what is unique about me.
  10. I make choices to unleash and embrace my inner power.

Find your favorite affirmations and say them daily out loud and to yourself. Also, feel free to add or amend them to best suit your personal needs.

Wishing you a prosperous May!

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