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Pros and Cons of Distance Readings || ALT Premium ~ Stargazer

Previously featured for Cosmic Seers  at ALT Premium, in March 2019…

90% of my paid readings are delivered over the internet. Here’s a look at my list of pros and cons to offering distance tarot readings.

Thanks so much for watching!

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1 thought on “Pros and Cons of Distance Readings || ALT Premium ~ Stargazer”

  1. I rewatched it since it popped up again. Great points! The couple things holding me back at this point is the learning curve for the video making – do I need a camera seperate from my phone or ipad? What kind of tripod will allow overhead/shoulder shots? Do I need a mic? Etc.

    I have done a few PDF versions, but the time to write and layout the reading summary was pretty time consuming. Sure, subsequent ones would be a bit easier because I have a template now, but there is the photographing of the cards/layout etc. and editing those. I’m not certain I could get an even energy exchange.

    Reading in person is done right then and there and I don’t have any extra work to do. But your pool of customers is much smaller that way. I have toyed with Skype/Facetime/Zoom readings, but then you loose the ability to squeeze the reading into your schedule whenever you want and timing with international clients could be troublesome.

    Lots to think about and weigh!

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