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What Makes You Stand Out? ALT Premium || Rebel Soul & Cosmic Seer

In this video we discuss the attributes we have that makes us stands out as a business professional or tarot reader. What are your thoughts about what makes you stand out?

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  1. Ooo, lots to chew on with this one, Kim!

    I get a lot of feedback that my voice is calming yet encouraging/motivating in my yoga classes. I’m told my energy is very strong and powerful. I’m highly empathic. I’ve been a caregiver my whole life (my mom is blind) so I just automatically nurture everyone I come in contact with.

    Some other possibilities and I’m just now learning to notice and accept about myself – I’m a deep generalist, lol! I have broad interests and knowledge but because I love learning so much and am good at it I go much deeper than your average person. Jack of all trades master of none does not apply in my case. I think this could make readings I offer rather unique. And I as I mentioned on one of your other posts, I think combining the card reading along with my other intuitive gifts and trainings might work nicely.

    As for how I present myself… I’m so busy doing stuff for the studio I teach at that I still don’t have a website of my own. I’ve had the URL and a non-public WIX start to one for almost two years. I suspect what I started doing won’t fit any longer. I feel like my social media game is a bit of a hodge podge as well, but I haven’t really gotten any feedback on it. I do dress a bit on the hippy/pagan side – leggings and tunic dresses with crystal jewelry much of the time. And funky cat eye glasses frequently. But my dress style changes relatively frequently.

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