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May Faves || Books, Crystals, Tarot & Oracle on ALT Premium

May’s monthly favorites video is up and posted on Abundant Life Tarot Premium and will post at a later time to YouTube. To check out this video for free, subscribe to the Stargazer Level.

Crystals: Blue Kyanite and Lepidolite

Books: The Joy of Doing Nothing, by Rachel Jonat and Awakened Empath: The Ultimate Guide to Emotional, Psychological and Spiritual Healing, by Aletheia Luna and Mateo Sol.

Oracle: Work Your Light Oracle, Sacred Symbols, Healers of the Earth, The Romance Angels Oracle, and Angels & Ancestors Oracle.

Tarot: Tarot with Key Words (, The Luna Sol Tarot, Moonchild Tarot, The Afro Goddess Tarot Arcanas, Sun & Moon Tarot, and The Everyday Enchantment Tarot.

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2 thoughts on “May Faves || Books, Crystals, Tarot & Oracle on ALT Premium”

  1. Great selection, Kim! I’ve been working a lot with selenite and black tourmaline lately for crystals and a fair bit of citrine and red jasper as well. I do enjoy my labradorite and lepidolite though, but my lepidolite is all tumbled.

    I *adore* Work Your Light Oracle and use it every week in my chakra-themed aromatherapy yoga class every week. They have been a real hit with my clients. I have the Angels & Ancestors and I like it, but haven’t worked with it a ton yet. Aside from that I probably used Queen of the Moon the most.

    In May I think I worked most with my Centennial Rider Waite (trying to solidify those basics) and Shadowscapes tarot decks. I actually had a pretty rough month and kind of fell out of my routines so I didn’t do a lot of readings. I did alter some decks though. I edged a few and tried trimming one after having mangled my Gaian Tarot deck several months ago. I was more successful this time, thank goodness!

    For books I’ve been reading Judith Orloff’s The Empath’s Survival Guide, Daring Greatly by Brene Brown, and The Tarot Elements by Melissa Cynova (very interesting concept). Going forward I’ll be working more with The Holistic Tarot I think, reading Elaine Aron’s The Highly Sensitive Person, and I might finally throw a fiction book into the mix. It’s been months and I think I only read 2 in 2018! I used to read 100+ per year 😮

    1. Can’t go wrong with some black tourmaline and selenite these days, that’s for sure!
      I was so surprised by the Work Your Light Oracle – it is not all pretty – but an actually really good deck! I can see why it is such a hit with your clients. And, you and I are on the same page about the Queen of the Moon Oracle being the mots used out of the three.
      We sometimes don’t feel called to use the cards, even when we’re having tough months, and I can certainly vouch for that. I re-edged my Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, which was just as therapeutic as a reading, LOL! I am happy you had deck mod success!!
      Judith Orloff is awesome and her Power of Surrender cards are my taste of her empath book (I believe I have her book on my Nook eReader – need to actually start and finish it). I watched Brene Brown’s Netflix special and she got me all inspired. I have had to pull out The Holistic Tarot for reference (it’s like my Tarot Bible).
      I hear you on reading – once we fall out of practice, it’s like working out – hard to get started again, but once you do, it feels oh, soo good (I will remind myself of this when I reach for the remote control instead of a book).
      Thanks so much for watching and taking the time to chat with me!! Hugs to you! Kim

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