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Rebel Soul Guided Affirmations || Fairness

The focus for this month’s guided affirmation is the concept of fairness. Below is a transcript of the spoken guided affirmations in the video.

Deck: Oracle of the Essences by Monica Finazzo The Enchantress

Card: Cardamom~Fairness/Equality

Deck Affirmation: I choose to see things differently.

The first affirmation is from the guidebook from The Oracle of the Essences, by Monica Finazzo. 



  1. I take ownership for my own happiness and wellbeing.
  2. I listen to my intuition, knowing all is revealed in due time.
  3. I choose to keep an open mind and to see things or situations from a different point of view.
  4. I breathe in deeply and exhale slowly, as peace and serenity wash over me.
  5. I remain optimistic in my future and at peace with my past.
  6. I recognize the importance of stillness and reflection in my life.
  7. When dealing with others, I am fair to them and to myself.
  8. My needs and wants are aligned with my heart’s true desires.
  9. As a healer, I recognize the importance of having my own wounds and issues healed.
  10. I am a healer and I am healed in my own life, as I work to help others heal themselves in their own lives, too.

Wishing you a joyous June!

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