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Abundant Life Tarot in September & October

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Check out what’s coming up in September and October at Abundant Life Tarot Premium, Abundant Life Tarot Facebook Group, and the YouTube Channel.

*Be sure to scroll below to see what’s happening at the individual ALT levels and on YouTube.

We Have One More Deck to Give Away! 

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The Herbcrafter’s Tarot and a Green Calcite stone is the prize. The 2nd prize winner did not originally claim their prize, so I will now do a new giveaway for this deck. Here’s where to enter to win:


🔮 Last day to enter this giveaway is Friday, September 13, 2019 at 11:59 PM. Winners will be announced on Sunday, September 15th at 1:30 PM, Pacific Time, during a quick mid-month Facebook Live check-in chat session with those who are a part of Abundant Life Tarot’s Facebook group. I will also post a note here, on this site, as well as a note on YouTube.

🔮 After the announcements are made, please claim your prize within 48 hours by emailing me your mailing address where to send your prize at abundantlifetarot@gmail.com. If the prizes are not claimed within a week’s time from the day of announcement, I will re-draw the names and pick a new winner. Please, please, please claim your prizes!

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We will be connecting during our group’s Tarot Happy Hour Facebook Live Meetup on Sunday, September 15, 2019 at 1:30 P.M. – 2:30 P.M., Pacific Time. Let’s sip on our favorite drinks, throw some cards and get to know one another. 

Even if you are not an ALT Premium member, you can still join the Abundant Life Tarot Facebook group for the monthly Live Facebook Happy Hours, connection, and so much more!

September and October’s Focus: Spiritual Intervention

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Spiritual or “Divine” Intervention is when something miraculous seems to happen OR when we keep getting in our own way and the Universe places blocks in our way until we get back on course again.

For the months of September and part of October, we will be working with the topic of Spiritual Intervention. We will explore what it means to have Spiritual Intervention happen in our lives and how to maximize the opportunities that this little miracle (or monkey wrench, as it may be) is offering.

I will be exploring the book Tarot for the Healing Heart: Using Inner Wisdom to Heal Body and Mind, by Christine Jette. I will derive information to share in our mini video series on Spiritual Intervention.

Begin to think about what’s going on in your life right now and are you able to see examples of the Universe intervening and getting you back on course? Or, my favorite – when something appeared catastrophic, but ended up being the best thing that could have happened. It will be fun to see how it shows up in our lives. 

Late Summer/Early Fall  happenings at ALT and YouTube…

  • Insurance & Tarot: Insuring Your Tarot Business & Your Beloved Cards Part 2 (ALT)
  • October Rebel Soul Energetic Tarot & Oracle Reading (ALT-Rebel Soul)
  • On Demand Guided Affirmations:  (ALT-Rebel Soul and Cosmic Seer
  • Tarot and Oracle Deck Unboxings! (ALT and YouTube)
  • Tarot Deck Interviews (ALT and YouTube)
  • Negative Customer Experience Part 2 (ALT Stargazer, YouTube)
  • A NEW SERIES: So You Wanna be a YouTuber? Creating Content for Yourself and Others (ALT-Cosmic Seer/Rebel Soul)
  • More Rebel Soul Fireside Chats Coming Soon – Submit Ideas for Topics!
  • Monthly Quickie Reading Giveaways starting soon (ALT Premium Members Only)
  • Invitation for ALT’s first Q&A Session with me – Send in Your Burning Questions!
  • Yearlys for all 12 signs in life, love and abundance coming soon (ALT Premium)
  • Spiritual Intervention Tarot spread and reading (ALT Premium)
  • I Quit My Day Job…Now What?! Vlog Series. Wrapping up this series – 9 total vlogs that will post. (ALT-Rebel Soul, Cosmic Seer)

    This is just some of the regularly scheduled programming:

  • Deck in Focus (ALT)
  • Card by Card (ALT)
  • Tarot Combos (ALT)
  • Market Mondays (NEW!) (ALT FB Group)
  • Monthly Favorites (ALT and YouTube)
  • 30 Minute Video Tarot & Oracle Reading Session with me (ALT-Cosmic Seer)
  • Custom Guided Affirmations (ALT-Cosmic Seer)
  • What’s Your Tarot Specialty (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, and Cosmic Seer)
  • Weekly Oracle Readings (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, Cosmic Seer)
  • 2019 Yearlys will soon be released on YouTube (ALT and YouTube)
  • 2020 Yearlys will recordings will soon begin (ALT-Moon Dancer, Rebel Soul, and Cosmic Seer)
  • Vision Board Workshop on Facebook at Abundant Life Tarot’s Facebook page. Ready to start EARLY on planning a spectacular 2020? Don’t miss this workshop. Vision Board Workshop on Sunday, October 6, 2019, at 2:00 P.M. Please RSVP for a headcount of folks who will be attending this FREE workshop at the Facebook Page’s event located here:  https://www.facebook.com/events/641492969679343/


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Veronica Rose

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Jessica Vargas

Jennifer King

There is a lot blossoming up at Abundant Life Tarot, so be sure to follow this blog, sign up for the ALT Premium membership (Stargazer level is free!), and hang out with me over at the Facebook group, Abundant Life Tarot. The best place to interact and reach me is through my Facebook Group – so join today!

Thanks for being the BEST part of Abundant Life Tarot!

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