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The Herbcrafter’s Tarot Study Group Pt 3: Lovers, Chariot, & Strength | On YouTube

Hi Friends,

We are studying the Herbcrafter’s Tarot and below are suggested questions to discuss, journal, or review when looking at the cards. In this video, we are focusing on the Lovers, the Chariot, and Strength.

Here are the questions:

1. Do you know the herbs featured in the three major Arcana cards and if so, do they speak to the traditional RWS* card meaning? Why or why not? If not, how do you feel about that?

2. If you don’t know the featured herbs in these three cards, in your personal research (hint – Google these herbs), do you find it really speaks to the card’s meaning? Why or why not?

3. Imagery and symbols found in the cards – what pops and speaks to you? Why?

4. What are your personal card meanings you’ve assigned to the featured cards?

Thanks for watching!

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