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Building Community Through Conversation – Hosted by Meadowlark Mystic | Live on YouTube

Check this out! Thanks to Queen Auset from Oya’s Girl, Renee from Meadowlark Mystic, we were able to get together and get to know one another on a fun, deep, and at times profound level. I am so grateful to Havana of Sparkle Divine Tarot and Panda Bennett for sharing their wisdom with me and the collective. It was a wonderful way to spend Sunday afternoon. We, as a community, can begin to heal the wounds caused by racism, and it starts by having conversation. We did a little shadow work today, too! Phenomenal time with phenomenal ladies.

YouTube channels: MeadowlarkMystic, Oya’s Girl, Sparkle Divine and Panda Bennett.

Thanks to those who participated in the chat, too!

Abundant Life Tarot 🌺

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