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Mystery Mystic Monday: Heidi Planck Update Videos | On YouTube | Episodes 5, 6, and 7

I am literally shaking right now – I have been watching for updates regarding Heidi Planck for weeks now. I decided to do three readings this weekend surrounding her case: an extended reading, a shorter reading and a quick oracle reading about what happened to her and where is she at. At the time of writing this post – we’re getting some serious confirmation on what may have happened. The cards were right – DNA evidence was found in the Hope + Flower building. Once the last video is uploaded to YouTube, I will share what has been found in the landfill in a beautiful part of Los Angeles. Stay tuned!

Here is a breakdown (other YouTuber videos) of where we were and are with Heidi Planck’s case. I will be posting more videos I recorded, as well as some updates I was able to find in the news.

Mau & Boots obtained Heidi’s side in court: LATEST YT UPDATE 11/29/21!!!:

Episode 5: Extended Check-In Video – recorded and uploaded 11/26/2021

Episode 6: Quick Check-In Reading – recorded and uploaded 11/27/2021

Episode 7: Short Oracle Reading Recorded 11/29/2021 at 4:00 PM:

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