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Mystery Mystic Monday | THE IDAHO 4 | Parts 1, 2, and 3 – Oracle & Tarot Readings | Episodes 62, 63, and 64

Part 1 Published November 21, 2022: 

Part 2: Official Opening Oracle Reading:

Part 3: Detailed Tarot and Oracle Reading:

Part 4: Who Was Actually Targeted?

On Sunday, November 13, 2022, four University of Idaho students were found brutally stabbed to death in their shared off-campus home, and the perpetrator is still on the loose. I do not know many details beyond that on this case, so this was very much a blind reading for me. I explore the perp’s mind and motive into doing what they’ve done. Spirit also shared a bit about this person’s close proximity to one or more of the victims.

The victims: Ethan Chapin-age 20, Kaylee Goncalves-age 21, Xana Kernodle-age 20, Madison Mogen-age 21.

I recorded and published Part 1 on November 21, 2022 and Parts 2, 3, 4 on November 28, 2022.

Part 1 Featured Decks: Smith Waite Borderless Tarot, The Divine Shadow Self Oracle, Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle~Bloody Hell Edition, Trace Evidence Telling Cards, Divine Crime Oracle.

Part 2 Featured Decks: Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle, Dark Mirror Oracle, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards, The Divine Shadow Self Oracle.

Part 3 Featured Decks: The Slow Tarot, Trace Evidence Telling Cards, Defining Characteristics Oracle, The Divine Shadow Self Oracle, Sacred Spaces Oracle, Rider Waite Smith Tarot.

Part 4 Featured Decks: Rider Waite Smith Tarot, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards.

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