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MMM: Part 5: THE IDAHO STUDENTS | The Roommates – What Do They Know? MMM | Episode 70

⚠️Speculation Station! ⚠️ This is how I alerted my viewers and subscribers in this latest video’s description box. It basically warns we are entering speculatory territory with this latest video and truthfully all of the Mystery Mystic readings that are shared on the channel and on this site.

This latest installment was inspired by a conversation I was having in the chat for the Cards Revisited video that was published just before this Part 5 video. A couple of subscribers and I were musing over the roommates and what do or don’t they know about what happened in the days, weeks, or months leading up to the murders? Do they have more information than what has been revealed to the public?

Part 5 is dealing with the elephant in the room or the big question: What’s Up with the Roommates? We also explore whether they know anything about the white car or its occupants.

The Tarot cards depicted in this reading and their corresponding letters that could represent initials, letters in names, or letters for city/town names:

10 of Any Suit = S, T
9 of Any Suit = Q, R
7 of Any Suit = M, N
2 of Ay Suit = C, D

When I saw T for 10 of Swords – I thought of the town of Troy, which is where LE indicates the missing Hyundai Elantra may have traveled.

The letters could be initials or included in names of those who have information or involved in the crime.

I still circle back to someone stalking mainly Kaylee – has a personal issue with her – jealousy also comes to mind. There’s also a sick perversion of feeling like they need to control an outcome. There’s a possessiveness to this perp over one of the victims. It is uncomfortable for me to even sit in that energy for too long. I do feel like the roommates may know some critical information and it was reported during the time of the 9-1-1 call. I sense that Law Enforcement does have an idea of who did this and now they are building a case. It will take time – there is a ton of forensic evidence to sift through. I do not feel like the roommates actually attacked or caused harm to the victims. I do believe they have information that is pertinent to this case.

Featured Decks: The Divine Shadow Self Oracle, Mildred Payne’s Secret Pocket Oracle Bloody H*ll Edition, Situations Oracle, Trace Evidence Telling Cards, Sincerez Tarot, Murder Mystery Oracle Cards, The Divine Crime Oracle.

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