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Moon Phases of Deck Collecting | Analyzing my Collection Trends

I began tracking my deck purchases in 2017 and I now have almost six years of data to review my collecting habits. I will share with you how much I’ve spent year over year on my decks. What I’ve come to realize about myself is I have phases in collecting, similar to what we see in moon phases.

I recorded this video on September 16, 2022. At the time of publishing this video, I calculated my 2022 deck spending at $471.09. I’ve preordered a deck and backed another. During the holiday season, I got a few decks during a Black Friday sale and in December gifted myself a Tarot deck from Amazon. I have amazing decks on my wishlist, but I don’t feel a strong urge to get them. It is my goal to cut the deck spending by half in 2023.

I have spent a total of $5,346.56 on my deck collection from 2016 to 2022. As you can see, I plan to continue tracking my spending in 2023.

To help me forecast my anticipated spending for 2023, I have a column dedicated to “unlikely,” “likely,” and “very likely,” with the last being the ones I will most likely purchase next year. I can filter down to “very likely” and see what the costs of those decks, including shipping, and budget accordingly. The total amount forecasted to spend for my “Very Likely” decks is $288.93.

Of course I could end up adding or removing decks from the wishlist, but, this gives me a general idea of what I plan to spend for my hobby of deck collecting.

Ask yourself, what moon phase you’re in when it comes to your deck collecting!

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