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Nov 27th Weekly General Reading~Healing & Transformation With Ease


Hi Loves! Here’s this week’s general reading tarot forecast for the week of November 27, 2017 (or for those who watch this video later, the messages will be applicable to you at that time).

We are in the midst of immense healing and transformation over the last few weeks and it continues into this week. We are seeing things in a new way and new beginnings in life and love are springing up for many of us. All we have to confront this week is getting some things in order – not a bad thing to have to deal with at all. Are we honoring the things we are grateful for by acknowledging them on a daily basis? Have some of us slacked off on some of our spiritual practices? If so, this is the week to get back on track. Everything else this week surrounds our spiritual growth and enlightenment – what a fantastic start to the December.

Decks Used:
Dear Heart Oracle (
Mildred Payne’s Secret Oracle (
Heal Yourself Reading Cards (
White Rabbit Oracle (

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